“When you experience that moment of discovery it changes everything”

– Laura Ridout


Do you dread going to work more days than you don’t?  Are you lacking direction and drive to achieve what you truly want? To rediscover your talents and overcome your fears, we will explore aspects of yourself in a way that enables you to positively influence and shape your future.

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I help women who are looking to refresh their career or business to find the freedom and happiness they deserve. I bring like-minded women together in groups of 6 (Sister's Circle) and help them find out what they want, what's holding them back and how to move forward.

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Laura is a wonderfully positive person who has an ability to connect with people almost instantly, no matter their background or position.  In short, she is a people person, and with a wealth of knowledge and experience.


Stewart Brock Public Health Specialist, Somerset County Council

Laura is a skilled facilitator who is able to create an environment in which individuals come together as a team to work creatively and effectively.  Her wealth of experience in working with both Local Authority and NHS teams gives her a depth of insight in enabling change in complex and challenging environments’.


Kate Knight Programme Director, Public Health Action, South Central and West CSU

Laura is an inspiring facilitator. I have met with her on many occasions and have been impressed with her thorough preparation and ability to adhere to the agenda, based on the participants requirements. Laura is an excellent listener and communicates effectively by speaking clearly and calmly. In our meetings, she posed many open questions and managed to enable the participants to reach conclusions on each aspect discussed without necessarily imposing her own views, unless deemed helpful. She followed up her session with us by clearly summarising our discussions. I would have no hesitation in recommending Laura most highly.

Dr Baljit Kalsi Queens Medical Centre, Barnstaple

Laura provided a safe space where myself and a number of colleagues had protected time to be with each other and develop a greater understanding and deeper bond around each of our work steams. The structure that Laura provided, enabled the exploration of a work stream you may be struggling with, or facing blocks, or just frustrated with initially was a different mind-set for me as often when people present a challenge we tend to try and give them the answer to that problem from our perspective. What was good about this experience was that didn’t happen and colleagues worked instead to encourage you through open questions and probing which often helped to unpick where things were and in doing so often brought about additional insight which in my experience was quite monumental in its outcome.


Andrew Wilson Health Promotion Manager, Somerset County Council

I took a leap of faith and left my full time career to begin my business. I was 3 months into the business and rather bewildered when I was fortunate to have begun my business coaching / mentoring with Laura.  Over 6 sessions we have investigated my short and long term goals and explored my belief system and core values as a benchmark to me achieving. Following this Laura helped me to successfully launch phase 2 of my business and has consistently invigorated me to think big; but to work with realism of the current marketplace.  I have found Laura knowledgeable, supportive and willing to challenge my limiting self beliefs! She has a wonderful sense of humour and has used a variety of methods to help.

Hannah Chaudhri Ananda ~ Health and Wellbeing

I have found working with Laura very useful. She has a different approach and her skill of asking the right questions until we find our own solution is both effective and non-confrontational. Laura has introduced ‘rules of engagement’ at our meetings and this has been effective in preventing people from talking over each other and the meeting becoming a free for all. This in turn has led to people being heard.


Pauline Greer PM Brent Area MC

Laura has been very supportive to me in my role as the lead for Bridgwater Bay Health Federation for the implementation of Improved Access.  The task seemed extremely daunting at first as not all federation practices wanted to engage.  However, with her help and support we managed to overcome these challenges and now have a fully operational service up and running with all practices engaged in the process.   On a personal level her support with this project has helped me to gain confidence.

Kathy Bartley PM Redgate MC and Somerset Bridge MC

I just wanted to share the positive feedback I have had in relation to your facilitation of our away day.  I think you managed to turn around what could have been quite a challenging, unreceptive day into one where the team all engaged and gave them a new sense of energy at the end of it. Thank you for your support.

Kerry White Managing Director, Symphony Healthcare Services

The decision to bring Laura in as a delivery partner on the ‘100 Women First’ programme has been a brilliant move! We now have all the expertise required to support our ladies moving forward with business start- up. Laura has produced outstanding results giving the ladies the skills and confidence to grow their own business in a pro-active and motivated outlook.

Caroline Derrick Employment, Skills & Training Manager, Inward Investment & Growth, Sedgemoor District council

‘I have met with Laura for two sessions of coaching and each time she has helped me enormously with her clear, logical approach, and the ability to ask questions in such an open, friendly manner. This has allowed me to explore possibilities in a protected environment and to reach the correct conclusions for me, both professionally and personally.’


Dr Kathryn Patrick GP Buttercross Surgery

If you ever get the chance to work with Laura grab it with both hands. I say 'if ' because Laura is a rising star, in the same way I’m sure you wish you had met Derren Brown or even Steve Jobs, before they became so successful you can now only afford the book!

She is not only successful in her own right, she has walked the walk and she inspires confidence and direction with clear information and knowledge. We have all met coaches who have read books or come from for example, business school, but don’t actually know about the real world. Laura is full of good advice that does actually work.

I struggled giving this testimonial because there is an argument for keeping Laura a best kept secret or soon I may not be able to afford to continue to benefit from her amazing coaching! She has made me see I can succeed, I can reach for the bigger picture and actually achieve it! So hold on to your hats and I hope to launch my business at the end of March. Take the next step to the real you, don’t short change yourself and get some personalised help from Laura and show the world! I hope ultimately to see you at one of Laura's mastermind groups as soon as she starts one. May success be your answer and Laura your guide.


Randa Magid Oh Beehave Productions

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