5 ways to challenge self-limiting beliefs

I believe in equality. For most of my work-life I’ve focussed on health inequalities. In recent years, I’ve turned my attention to helping women to find the career they want. I understand what gets in their way and how to help them challenge these perceived barriers.

Covid-19 has laid bare the inequities that remain in our society.

Women seem to be coming out worse than men in terms of employment.

Evidence shows that this is partly due to the sectors that many women work in are the hardest hit.

Women are also more likely to be responsible for home schooling and child care.

I find the main thing that stops women doing what they want is lack of confidence. Self-limiting beliefs and behaviours are the main culprit.

When we think of something that could bring us joy, they kick in and convince us that we won’t be able to do it. What’s surprising is that we often aren’t aware of them and how they impact us.

These negative beliefs don’t go away. I have to deal with it a lot myself. The secret to overcome them is to recognise them so that you can deal with them when they happen.

So how do we do this?

  1. Spend some time thinking about a time when you really wanted something and doubt kicked in and stopped you doing it. What thoughts were in your head? How did these thoughts change your outcome?
  2. Think about where these beliefs have come from.
  3. Ask yourself for the evidence to show that these beliefs are true. Our beliefs have a trick of making us focus on what we did wrong and not on the successful outcomes we have achieved.
  4. Now think of how you could have used more positive beliefs. Change your statements from negative to positive. How are you now able to use these to get to where you want to go?
  5. Keep practicing and reinforcing.

Women can create a different future for themselves.

I bring women together who are trying to do this on their own.

By asking you the right questions, you get to find the right answers and break down the barriers that are stopping you from getting the work-life you deserve.

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