Your Rocking Chair Vision

Rocking Chair rebel

Just before Covid-19 had changed the way we live, i.e. early March, I gave a short talk to a group of business women that included a reflective exercise called ‘Your Rocking Chair Vision’. I asked people to imagine that they were 90 years old, sitting in their rocking chair reflecting back on their life, their values, achievements and what they are proud of and why. The purpose of this exercise is to help you build a vision for your future based around those reflections.
One of the participants said that it felt different to imagine yourself in the future looking back rather than in the present looking into the future.
I thought this might be an interesting exercise for people to try during these extraordinary times.
Imagine that you are 90 years old and sitting in your rocking chair reflecting back on your life during the 2020 Covid-19 pandemic. (I’ve decided that I will be in a sun lounger resisting the stereotype). You recall how until 2020, your life was full steam ahead and when people asked you how you were you invariably answered ‘Busy, busy, busy.’ You remember how you wished that you could step off the ‘conveyor belt’ and have some spare time to think about your life and where it was heading. With very little warning, your wish was granted.
What did you do with this gift of time that changed your life and made you the happy fulfilled 90 year old you are today?
You can use the below prompts to help you with your thinking.
• What happened to you during this time that was a catalyst for change?
• What did you re-evaluate about your life?
• How did you use the time? Was it reconnecting with old friends or family members? Was it spending time reading and learning? Was it reinventing yourself?
• What did you learn about yourself?
• What did you learn about other people?
Give yourself at least 20 minutes to ponder. Make some notes. You can revisit these at any time. You may want to add to them as we continue through these unexpected times