“Helping people realise what’s important is life changing”

– Laura Ridout

If you’re wanting to be valued, rewarded and fulfilled in your work-life, then you’ve just arrived at the right place!

I help women to find out: What they want… What’s holding them back… and guide them to take the first steps towards making it happen.

My own life has seen continual change and transformation. I’ve run several businesses, I’ve been employed, I’ve studied later in life after having children, I’ve been made redundant and now I’m running my own business again. Some of this was by choice and some of this just happened due to the way life is.

So whether by choice or circumstance, I know that change isn’t something to be feared. It opens up new opportunities which is exciting but it can also be hard and lonely. So, part of what I do is take the lonely and some of the difficult bits out of it for you!

I bring women together in groups of 6:

  • Women who are tired of not being respected, valued or fulfilled.
  • Women looking to change their work life but can’t because they feel stuck and don’t know how or where to start.
  • Women who don’t yet realise the courage that they have to make a change.
  • Women who have a huge unmet potential inside of them, just waiting to be liberated

I call this…

Sister’s Circle”

A group of women, who I take through a journey of self-discovery. Women who share common interests, attitudes and desires.

I invite the Sister’s Circle to join a private community of women, so that they continue to connect and thrive, beyond our sessions together.

‘The sister circle provided a safe and professional space for sharing and exploring ideas, feelings and concepts. Laura is a pleasure to work with, she is down to earth and has a wonderful blend of professionalism and coaching combined with mother earth. She encourages others to share their wisdom, experiences and knowledge that creates trust, allowing a platform for self-discovery and encourages freedom. I would recommend the sister circle to women of all ages who feel stuck, undervalued or frustrated with life. Thank you Laura for bringing together women to create a community to empower each other’.

Ananda Health and Well-being/Hannah Chaudhri