“Helping people realise what’s important is life changing”

– Laura Ridout

‘I’ve reached the age where I can confidently draw on a whole lot of wisdom, experience, knowledge and skills that I’d like to share with you.

Like many people I know, I’ve had stuff happen in my life that is life changing. There are the obvious ones such as relationships, marriage and children that many of us share.

Then there are the less regular ones such as losing both your parents at a young age within 2 years. Partner in a business at age 19 – real hard work. Divorce. Being made redundant. Losing an energetic, vibrant, happy go getting sister to pancreatic cancer at age 59. Ok, enough!

We have a choice about how we respond to life events. I believe that what has happened to me has made me stronger and more resilient. I always have hope and I seek out what makes me happy and I help others to do the same.’

Education and work stuff

‘I was a partner in a business for 25 years and set up two further successful businesses. I have 20 years of working in the NHS doing ‘change’. During this time I did a Masters degree in Nutrition, Physical Activity and Public Health where I studied behavior change in depth.

I trained as an ILM accredited Action Learning Facilitator because I think that group coaching and learning is a powerful way to get people moving faster towards what they want to achieve.

Recently I’ve been working with GPs in their leadership roles as well as supporting them to manage their workload differently. I am a trained Affina Team coach. I’ve developed regional and national social marketing campaigns. I’ve done re-design, transformation, development, management, sustainability and implementation.

I’ve supported people to manage change and I have gone through the cycle myself many times.’