“Helping people realise what’s important is life changing”

– Laura Ridout

If you want to have a life of abundance without overwhelm then you’re in the right place.

I help women to have a greater impact in their life and work without being ‘Superwoman’.

Women whose energy is adrenaline, cortisol and testosterone fuelled, with just a fraction of testosterone compared to men, is not sustainable for women. As a result we suffer health problems such as anxiety and stress, relationship and family breakdowns and a disconnect from meaning and purpose.

Women who feel to succeed in leadership they need to always be pushing, spinning all the plates (family, work, home and relationships) competing with men to show their worth, always giving but rarely good at receiving and mostly putting others needs before their own.

I’m describing myself and most women.

Whilst I’ve done several coaching programmes throughout my career, last year I felt I needed another approach to helping women. One that understands the pressures that women face at home and at work. A coaching approach that draws on the energy that is right for women. To this end, I have trained as a ‘One of Many’ certified Women’s Coach.

I introduce women to a new kind of energy and a softer power that gives them a sustainable and more fulfilling work/life balance.

 I ask that women who join my coaching programme are ready and willing to commit to our sessions and ready to make some changes so that they are able to receive more abundance and joy into their work life.

If you’re ready book a FREE coaching session with me to check if we’re the right fit and it’s what you need.

I offer both a 1:1 coaching programme and group coaching.

For 1:1 programme go to Rediscover You. Here’s what one of my clients said about the programme:

‘A few days ago, a friend on a group chat asked us all to say how we’re doing using one emoji only.

I asked if there was an emoji for “rebirth”. 

Someone suggested a cute emoji depicting a little sapling. I replied that I felt more like a tree with deep wide roots that seemed to have appeared overnight.

“Stuck” has been one of the words I’ve used often over the last couple of years to describe my state. I was so frustrated. Whatever I read, heard and learned, (and I was trying so hard) to find a solution, I couldn’t seem to ACT and move forward.

 During coaching, I had two transforming experiences and Life has changed forever.

I’m doing. I’m taking action. I’m getting on with stuff. I’m not triggered by particular situations that would have sent me in to an emotional tailspin only a few weeks ago. I cannot tell you how much this means to me!

Laura’s coaching style has been perfect for me. She is gentle yet powerful. She is highly perceptive and always seems to know when to allow me the space to develop my thoughts and guides me to find my own answers. 

I can recommend Laura as a coach with my heart and soul. I can’t thank her enough and will always be so grateful that she is my coach!’

Lubna Alam-Orths

For group coaching go to Sisters Circle

  • I bring women together in groups of 6. A group of women, who I take through a journey of self-discovery.
  • Women who share common interests, attitudes and desires.
  • Women who are tired of not being respected, valued or fulfilled.
  • Women looking to change their work life but can’t because they feel stuck and don’t know how or where to start.
  • Women who don’t yet realise the courage that they have to make a change.
  • Women who have a huge unmet potential inside of them, just waiting to be liberated

Here’s what one of my ‘sisters’ said about the programme:

‘The sister circle provided a safe and professional space for sharing and exploring ideas, feelings and concepts. Laura is a pleasure to work with, she is down to earth and has a wonderful blend of professionalism and coaching combined with mother earth. She encourages others to share their wisdom, experiences and knowledge that creates trust, allowing a platform for self-discovery and encourages freedom. I would recommend the sister circle to women of all ages who feel stuck, undervalued or frustrated with life. Thank you Laura for bringing together women to create a community to empower each other’.

Ananda Health and Well-being/Hannah Chaudhri