I heard on the radio a few months back, that Nick Sloane, a salvage expert, believes that he has come up with the solution to solve the water crisis in Cape Town. He has proposed to capture icebergs as they float past within 2,700 km south west of the port. He said ‘We want to show that if there is no other source to solve the water crisis, we have another idea no one else has thought of yet.” I thought what a crazy and wild idea to think that it could be possible to capture an iceberg and drag it into Cape Town. It was reported that the beauty of this model is that Antarctic water is pure, needs no treatment, costs nothing to acquire and the only cost is in delivering it. Ha! All that wonderful, fresh water just melting into the sea when Cape Town is thirsty. Brilliant idea!

When I work with people, I always encourage them to think up wacky ideas and solutions and not to worry if it’s just popped into their head or that they haven’t thought it through yet. Put all logic and risk aside, because we can always work towards something more tangible. I would consider that capturing icebergs has got to be the best first wild thought ever, but this is serious. And the challenge doesn’t stop there because not any old iceberg will do. Only seven percent of the 271,000 studied would be suitable. I feel so excited about this mad idea that has huge potential. I feel I want to be part of it. This energy, adventurism and possibility is where we should start when presented with opportunity or challenges. We will then get different solutions from what we would have ever imagined.

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