How to travel lighter through life

How to travel lighter through life

We carry a lot of baggage around with us.

Some of the baggage is particularly heavy and it weighs us down making it hard to move forward.

Some of it we’ve been carrying all of our lives. We hang onto it even though it’s not serving us anymore. Now why would we do that?

Think about that wonderful moment when you hand your luggage over at the airport. You’ve got one large suitcase, one small one and your hand luggage. You’ve been hauling it about between cars, trains, taxis and then at last you place it on the conveyor belt and watch it disappear through the flaps. You suddenly feel light. You feel that your holiday has begun. With your handbag on your shoulder, you head for the perfume department or the bar.

Now hang onto that feeling. Doesn’t it feel good?

Of course, we now have wheels on our suitcases that make it easier to handle our luggage.

So just to keep this analogy going (because I do love analogies) let’s ask what the purpose of the wheels are in terms of our life baggage.

Are the wheels there to make it easier for us to keep hold of our baggage because it’s all tied up in our beliefs about ourselves, others and our view of the world? Are we afraid to let go because it’s easier to just hang onto our baggage rather than deal with it?

Now let’s escape this analogy and I’ll invite you to ask yourself ‘why am I holding onto this ‘stuff’ that no longer serves me in my life?’

Now that’s a big scary question and can open up a ‘can of worms’…..don’t worry, I’m not about to extend the analogy into worm territory.

But if we don’t start to consider how we can let go, we’ll spend all of our lives burdened.

Let me help you out.

Do you know what your purpose is in life? Do you know what’s really important to you in your life?

If not, then this is where you can start. Knowing your purpose and what’s important to you will bring you strength. It will help you understand more clearly why you can’t seem to let go of the baggage you’re carrying. It will then help you to understand how to start to unpack those cases and then to have a good sort out. You will become clear on what is serving you and what is not.

You’ll be able to travel lighter through life.

If you want to know how to do this, please contact me and let’s begin your journey to a more fearless and abundant you.