In this internet age, with everything seemingly just a click away, we’re becoming increasingly impatient. We want to buy objects, book holidays, meet potential dates and send our friends flowers without leaving the house. This is why Tracey Emin’s latest art installation in London’s St Pancras has resonated with me. An anti-Brexit message has been suggested, and/or a nod to romanticism; about departing from a loved one at a train station.

But I perceive another message, too. I look at the neon sign, those simple but meaningful words, ‘I want my time with you’, and think about time in general – and what a precious commodity it is. It makes me think of how little time we put aside to consider answers to some of the great questions or challenges we face in life.

But also in the workplace.

When we are faced with challenges either as individuals or when working together in groups or teams, we want to find the quickest route out. This can often be repeating similar actions because that is where we are comfortable and that is what we know. It is only when we ask fresh questions that we begin to explore and learn new and better ways of doing things.

To make changes to your organisation, your team or yourself you need to disengage auto pilot and engage into that 20 per cent of your creative mind where incredibly good and exciting ideas reside. Those ideas that wake you up in the night – but are forgotten by the morning. My job is about helping individuals and organisations to spend some time finding a different solution. One that will take them in a new direction. If given the time, I can show you how. Without wishing to sound cheesy, I want my time with YOU.

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