Busy changes

Is being busy a badge of honour?

Proud to be busy?

If you ask anyone you know ‘how are you?’ I’m willing to bet that 9 times out of 10 people will reply ‘I’m really busy’. Does that sound familiar to you? Now I don’t doubt that they are busy or at least that they feel busy. I just worry that it’s become a ‘badge of honour’ to be busy.

So what is it about needing to say that we’re busy?

Why can’t we just say what we’ve been up to? Is it that busy helps us to feel that we’re indispensable or very important?

There are of course equivalent  words or phrases that infer that you’re busy. For example, ‘I’ve been working hard’ or ‘I’m really tired’ or ‘I don’t know where the time goes!’. To me, all these phrases amount to the same thing.

There is so much noise in the world.

Everything is fast paced and getting faster and it seems that we’re all aboard a conveyer belt that is picking up speed every day. It’s going so fast that it’s hard to get off.

There is so much pressure on us to achieve and be better. Pressure on us to succeed – because everyone else around us is telling us how successful they are right? Failure isn’t an option.

Then suddenly, whoosh – someone flies off the conveyer belt. They didn’t choose to get off, the choice was made for them because now they’re not well. They’re anxious, depressed and worn out.

Now let’s replay.

Imagine you’re on that conveyer belt and it’s picking up speed. You become aware that you’re telling everyone how busy you are. You decide to press the stop button.

You dismount from the conveyer belt and everything is still and quiet. You can hear your breathing – it’s fast because you’ve been speeding. You sit down and gradually your breathing returns to normal. You see an open door and through it are trees and flowers. You hear bird song and the gentle humming of bees. You breath in the scent of grass and nature. You relax and breath it all in deeply. Your heart rate is slowed and you feel a sense of calm. It feels wonderful. It feels so much better than ‘busy’.

You decide that you’re not getting back onto that conveyer belt.

You’ve become aware that you need to spend some time to replenish yourself. To get connected to yourself again. To get back in touch with who you are and what you want. You already feel better having made this decision. Just stopping and relaxing for a moment has shifted your state.

You’re moving away from ‘busy’ and shifting into a better you. You’re already tapping into your subconscious brain. The part of your brain that has been suffocated by stress and pushing through. That problem that was dominating your thinking has become smaller.

How do I get to a ‘better me?’

If we want to live a more fruitful life, a more fun and creative life, we need to be aware of our state. If our state is negatively impacting on us e.g. miserable, stressed, angry or bored, we need to stop so that we can recognise it and change it.

Sometimes this can be done easily by just walking, stretching or being aware of your breathing. These simple things can shift your state to a more positive way of being. You’ll get things done more easily, you’ll find new answers to previously unresolved problems, you’ll feel more energy in your body.

If you’re feeling overwhelmed or lack energy this can be an indication that you’re too busy. So stop, breath, check-in with yourself, move and shift your state.

You may need a helping hand.

If you are struggling to get unstuck. That you are overwhelmed. That your creative thoughts are stifled and you’re on an indecision roundabout. Reach out and ask for help.

I run group coaching for women who are stuck and can’t find their mojo to make a positive change happen. Please contact me and let start a conversation towards a happier and more productive you.