I was made redundant in my 50’s. So I went freelance

It’s a fact. We’re all living longer and we can now reasonably expect to live another 30 years or so beyond our 50th birthday.

I am 60 in just a few days’ time. Like many women, I have been through major transitions during my life but I think for me the hardest time was during my mid-50s. I began to notice the extra grey hairs, the wrinkles and jowls developing, and then of course WHAM the menopause kicks in and gradually I began to develop cracks in my confidence.

To add to this faltering belief in myself, I was made redundant at age 56. I felt that I had lost my sense of purpose. I applied for a job in the same area of work and got an interview. Leading up to the interview I suddenly became very clear about what I wanted. To take control of my own life.

I wanted the freedom to choose when I worked and to focus on what I was good at. I took the leap and went self-employed. Now 4 years on I know that I made the right choice for me. I was lucky to gain a contract that has been a reliable income while at the same time enabling me to develop my own business.

I have a wealth of knowledge to draw on but most importantly, I have experience that has given me wisdom, fortitude, understanding of difference, tolerance and patience. I aim to help older women realise their potential and not to opt for work that doesn’t fulfil them. I want them to be free to use their talents and skills that they have honed over the years.

According to ONS, there are 4.9 million women over the age of 50 who are working – up 38 per cent in a decade. If you want to do something different with your latter 30 years, don’t accept that you can’t change – you can. Don’t be marginalised, be magnificent.

I am facilitating a workshop on 16th April to help you do just this. Join me and other like-minded women (I only have 15 spaces) to plan your future. Follow the link to find out more. I look forward to meeting you.