The Curse of Tolerance – are you just tolerating your work?

I’m not happy but it will do for now….things might change’. If you’re just tolerating your work here are 5 questions to ask yourself.
I recently joined a webinar presented by Joanna Martin on Meaning, Money and Magic. We discussed what she described as ‘The curse of tolerance’ which is when people feel stuck and can lack the courage or confidence to change it. I was particularly interested in how it affects women and their work life. It’s when we think ‘I’ll stay here as it’s what I know’ or ‘I’m not loving this work but I can’t see myself doing anything else’. We’re just ‘tolerating’ our work. Life is to be lived, not tolerated. As we’re having to work into our late 60’s, let’s spend that time doing something that brings us joy and fulfilment. Sounds a cliché? I know many women who have decided to change direction in their 40’s and do something that gives them a sense of purpose and excitement. It does take courage which is why I want to bring a group of women together to explore how they can do this.
When I was made redundant at 56, it was a catalyst for me to change. I’ve always enjoyed my work but it felt the right time for me to change what I was doing. I decided that I didn’t want to just go back into being employed. My initial response was to apply for another job but after starting that process I paused. This was a good opportunity for me to reflect on how I wanted to live my life differently. I knew that I would need to keep working for at least another 10 years. This was my chance to take control and not just drift into something that felt ‘ok’ or where I was just passing time until I retired.
If you’re at a time of change in your life or you’re wanting to change your work situation but not sure how or where to start, here are 5 questions to ask yourself:
• What would be your dream job?
• What is important to you and what do you value most in your life?
• Do your values fit with your dream job?
• What one small step could you take that would take you a little closer to your dream job?
• What are you doing now that could help you start – think about your talents, skills and knowledge?

If you would love to explore more about what you could be doing that fits with your dreams and your values and to shed the ‘curse of tolerance’ then join me for WyzeWomen Futures Workshop on 16th April at The Business Retreat, Chilton Trinity, Bridgwater. See my Events page for details