“Let all the stuff that’s been holding you back drop to the floor and kick it into touch”

– Laura Ridout


A Sisters’ Circle is for women who are just tolerating their work life, wanting to refresh their career or business and need a helping hand to do this. I bring women together who are trying to do this on their own. By asking you the right questions, you get to find the right answers and break down the barriers that are stopping you from getting the work-life you deserve.

Just Women

I love working with women. It’s inspiring, humbling, challenging, emotional, honest, powerful, passionate, exciting, encouraging and a great laugh!

Why a group?

Group Coaching can spark a firestorm of creativity. When you share with others, your ideas grow faster. Sometimes the simplest question can give insight, ideas, and possibilities that you never would have thought of on your own. You not only benefit from the coaches questions and feedback but also from the group.

I will be using techniques that have been designed by women for women. I will help you to feel bolder and more able to challenge what’s holding you back. And because we are all likeminded women, we feel safe to express how we’re feeling. We understand and connect with each other’s thinking.

You also get a 1 hour 1:1 coaching session to take at any time that feel you need it most. It can be half way through, right at the end to tie up loose ends and make a plan or a few months later. You decide.

If this sound like something you want but you’d like to chat through with me to check, read on and/or send me a message to arrange a call. No obligation. It’s important that this is right for you and that you’re right for the group.

Next Sisters’ Circle starts 12th March 2021. I’m now taking bookings and there are only 6 places.

I can’t wait to hear from you, Laura

The result

  • You will find out what you want, what brings you joy, what’s holding you back and how to move forward.
  • You will have a clear focus on your future path that is based on your values, beliefs and strengths.
  • You will have gained a rich understanding of yourself and gained the confidence to take your plans forward.
  • You will have the tools and techniques to support you.
  • You will have developed your plan of action.
  • Your plan will reflect your intentions that you made at the beginning with specific actions and timelines.
  • You will have been inspired by the women in your circle.
  • You will have developed friendship and genuine connection with the women in your circle.
  • You will have the freedom to continue to meet and nurture each other in your future endeavours.
  • You will be connected into a larger membership of other Sisters’ Circles that will meet 2 – 3 time/year.

How it works

There will be a maximum of six women in your circle. It’ll be 5 x 3 hour sessions every alternate week over 10 weeks using Zoom.

As a member of the group, you will build on each other’s strengths and learn from each other’s life experience. This is what makes it so powerful and what makes your outcome so unexpected. It was there all along – you just didn’t know it or you didn’t have the courage to make it happen.

During our time together you will have the opportunity to describe your situation to the group when it feels right for you. You will have time where the focus is on you if that is what you want.

I will be coaching you and the group to ask the right questions that will help you become more clear on what you want. You will decide on your actions to take away. At the next meeting, you can tell the group how you got on. It may be that you need further actions to take away to work on and bring back.

The Detail

The maximum number of women for each circle is 6.

  • Each Sisters’ Circle session will last for 3 hours.
  • The first hour of each session will be a group development session. I will introduce you to techniques and tools designed for women, so that you challenge your thinking and grow in confidence.
  • The remaining 2 hours will be focussed on 2 members of the circle who are ready to share their aspirations, intentions, ideas or just say ‘I don’t know where to start or what I want. I just know that I don’t want what I have now’.
  • There will be 5 circle sessions held every other week over a 10 week period (using Zoom)
  • All sessions will be booked at the beginning of the programme.
  • The greatest value of this group is trust. When you’re growing an idea that you’ve held close or you don’t know where to start; trust helps you to share with confidence and without judgement. This is when great things happen.

What is expected of you?

 That you commit to the 5 x 3 hour sessions  paid in advance. This is because for the group to mutually benefit from each other, they need to contribute equally and fully.

  • That you don’t judge.
  • You are your authentic self.
  • That you respect and listen to each other.

In summary you receive

5 sessions of group coaching

1 x 1 hour one to one coaching session

The tools and techniques to stay focussed, know what’s important for your future career and how to achieve it.

Access to the Sisters’ Circle private members area.

Continued support from your Sisters

Interested? Why not send me a message so we can arrange a call for you to find out if it’s what you want? It’s important that this is right for you and that you’re right for the group. If it is we can sign you up for the next Sisters’ Circle.

Next Sister’s starts 12th March 2021

Each one runs on a Friday morning from 9.30am – 12.30pm London time.

Please contact me and let’s have a chat to see if Sister’s Circle is what you’re looking for to give you clarity



Sisters Circle allowed me to  explore my feelings, my dreams and my limiting beliefs, in a safe environment.  By meeting same minded people was such an inspiration to me.  I have achieved more than I expected on many levels.  I now believe in me and in what I can achieve.

Sisters Circle is the perfect inspiring platform for women who need professional support in achieving their dreams of a new job, career or life work balance, but feel stuck or have no idea where to start.

Laura provides a safe environment, that creates honest, powerful, challenging and exciting conversations, combined with humour, which help you eradicate those blocks that have stopped you achieving your goals. Laura has your best interests at heart in helping you on your journey of self- discovery.  I would highly recommended Sisters Circle to those women who feel stuck, lost or have a business idea they don’t know how to get off the ground.


The sister circle provided a safe and professional space for sharing and exploring ideas, feelings and concepts. Laura is a pleasure to work with, she is down to earth and has a wonderful blend of professionalism and coaching combined with mother earth. She encourages others to share their wisdom, experiences and knowledge that creates trust, allowing a platform for self-discovery and encourages freedom. I would recommend the sister circle to women of all ages who feel stuck, undervalued or frustrated with life. Thank you Laura for bringing together women to create a community to empower each other.

Hannah Chaudhri

I think when embracing change in your life, it is important to give yourself time to work through what you truly want and what you absolutely don’t. I identified my key problem which I probably knew but it made me face that I was procrastinating over quite a few things in my life!

The sessions were extremely powerful in being able to share, I felt that my mountain to climb was not as difficult as I thought and I had some helpful steers along the way.

The sisters circle is a very supportive place to work this through with very helpful resources which are there to enable that process.

Lesley Woakes

My story

At 56 I was made redundant.  I felt that this wasn’t a great age for this to happen to me. It was a shock and I felt rejected. I didn’t want to feel like this.

I rushed into trying to solve my situation.

I wrote down my work experience and the skills and knowledge that I’d gained over the years. I started looking for work that I knew I could do. Work that I had done already. I began applying for jobs.

I got an interview for a job that was similar to roles that I’d done. I overlooked that my employer expected the team to be in the office every day. I’m used to working mostly from home and this was something that I valued. If I took this job I would be travelling a long distance every day and working in an office.

I hadn’t stopped to consider what I really wanted next in my life.

I had only considered my work experience. I hadn’t reflected back on my career to think about what I’ve learned about myself and the people that I have worked with. I forgot to include the difference that I’d made to people and communities. I didn’t think about me as a mother, wife, sister, grandmother. I didn’t contemplate the love, the loss and the life that has shaped me.

I didn’t take the job. I took more time out to plan what I wanted. I stopped using my head and switched to using my heart. I focused on what I love doing and when I felt most happy in my career which is helping people to change what isn’t working for them. So I went freelance.

That was five years ago. I help women to find the courage and confidence to create a career path that brings them joy so that they can live a fulfilling and fruitful life. More than half of women are dissatisfied with their work.

Lack of confidence and self-limiting beliefs keep women stuck.

So I’m inviting you to join my Sisters’ Circle because I believe in unleashing the energy, the creativity, the courage and wisdom of women so that they can reach their potential.