“You have the answers, I help you find them.”

– Laura Ridout

Rediscover You Package

I help you work out what it is you want. From a change in career or starting a new business to finding out what makes you happy ( and what’s getting in the way).

I’ve reached the age where I can confidently draw on a whole lot of wisdom, experience, knowledge and skills that I’d like to share with you.

I have a unique approach to helping women understand and implement their own motivations and aspirations. I use a blend of behaviour change and coaching techniques designed by women for women. Finally sprinkle this with insight and challenge and you have a powerful launch pad for your own learning and way forward.

 This coaching programme will set you off in the right direction with the tools and confidence to keep going.

Get set for success

4 x 1 hour sessions and you’ll be ready to go (but you will be expected to do some homework in between)

Sessions can be face to face, skype or by phone or a mix. Whatever works for you.

Introduction – a chat to get to know a little bit about you and what you’re hoping for from our sessions.

Session 1: Create the vision of your future

Session 2: Going deeper. What’s going on? What are your challenges? What are your strengths?

Session 3: Get specific. Who can help and who/what could hinder?

Session 4: Get the show on the road. Boost your strengths – you can do this

Review (optional). Reviews can be booked in 3 months following your last session.

Please contact me and we can have an informal chat and find out if this is what you need to help you move forward from where you are now.

For that boost of confidence to make your vision come true take a look at my free ‘Shine your brilliance’ resource. .